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Entrepreneurship is not a long quiet river

It's a journey full of pitfalls, uncertainties, obstacles, but it is without doubt the most beautiful project of my life.

julie bimoo

I had been dreaming of starting my own business for a long time. After 15 years in accounting, I was bored and my dream seemed to be getting further and further away. Then, after the birth of my son, I realized that I lacked certain tools to keep them busy and stimulated.

It was during yet another difficult meal with my son that the idea came to me. While I was trying to feed him, all his attention was focused on the tablecloth decorated with insects that adorned my table. As he touched the illustrations, I was able to feed him. I came up with the idea of creating coloring tablecloths for children that would keep them busy while preparing and eating meals.

Then I became interested in the educational side of these atypical toys. And I had the idea of inserting vocabulary words and translating them into two different languages, French and English, and having local artists.

A real hit with parents and kids!