Who is behind BiMoo?

Who is behind BiMoo?

Who is behind BiMoo?

Salut Bonjour, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal… Lately, there has been a lot of talk about BiMoo bilingual educational tablecloths

But who is behind this unique Quebec-based concept?

A company born on necessity

Julie Blais, a former accounting technician for 15 years, never intended to venture into entrepreneurship. That is, until the day that mealtime became gruelling.

Her son, nearly 2 years old at the time, had entered his affirmation phase, or rather, the "NO" phase. She never knew whether he would eat two or three bites, his entire meal, or nothing at all... and that's not to mention the countless times he simply decided to throw his plate on the floor.

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Like many parents who experience this obstacle, Julie was worried about her son's appetite. Was he gaining enough weight? Was he getting enough fruits and vegetables? Was he getting all the vitamins and minerals he needed for healthy growth?

One evening, while her son was concentrated on the insect drawings on the tablecloth, Julie took the opportunity to feed him several bites of his meal. What a joy it was to see him open his mouth and eat his meal without shouting or crying!

Of course, a single tablecloth wasn’t enough. It took a variety of patterns to entertain her son during mealtime and ensure that he was enjoying his food.

That’s how the idea for BiMoo began to take shape in Julie's mind.

One business start-up training course and a successful crowdfunding campaign later, BiMoo officially launched in March of 2019.

An artist at heart

Julie always stresses that illustrators are the essence of the products, and that without their creation and inspiration, BiMoo simply would not exist.

That’s why she chose to surround herself with talented local illustrators. Her charming products feature the illustrations of PisHier, Geneviève Tardif, Rémy Simard, Isabelle Charbonneau, Irène Lumineau, Mylène Villeneuve and Carolane Lachaine.

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As an amateur artist herself, Julie paints in oils and acrylics. She enjoys mixing mediums and tools, and experimenting with layering. Her house is full of her paintings, but she only recently put her art to work for the company.

You can discover her artistic talents on the The Farm tablecloth and on the children’s and adult’s t-shirts featuring public health measures. Wash your hands well. Cough into your elbow. Wear a mask. Stay 2 metres away. Julie illustrated these 4 t-shirts using our beloved Canadian animals: a raccoon, a beaver, a moose, and a bear and seal. Learning about public health measures has never been so much fun!

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What are Julie's dreams?

Julie dreams of taking her business global, and will begin exporting her products to France this fall. Her fundamental goal is to help people. Whether it’s children, parents, or seniors, everything has been thought out with them in mind. Her great joy is to see children smile and to brighten up their lives.

Mais qui se cache derriere BiMoo

Julie also aspires to write children's books and to live in the countryside, where she can be inspired by nature, the rolling fields, and the majestic beauty of the St. Lawrence River.

Keep an eye out for the new tablecloths set to be released in late October: Julie illustrated those as well. Beautiful surprises are sure to delight you once again!

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