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One of the best experiences of my life!





Yep! After barely 20 months after the launch of my online store in March 2019, I was selected by the team in charge of filming the show Dans l'oeil du Dragon on Radio-Canada!


A life-changing experience !

I can finally express, shout, reveal, write, disclose this incredible news!


I am so proud of myself and my products!!! All my efforts over the past 24 months are finally paying off!


Being an entrepreneur is really not easy, it is a multitude of choices, decisions and especially consequences to assume. I spent hours working, thinking and questioning. I knew I was destined for this life, but I was afraid to take on this path and listen to my inner voice.

But how does it work for real?


It's easy to apply, but not so easy to get through the selection process. Once pre-selected, there is a phone interview with the researcher and then a live audition in front of the researchers and the producer of the Attraction team.


Several weeks later, I was told that I had been selected for the shoot in front of the Dragons, Yippee!


I was very, almost too prepared for this famous shooting, but this preparation allowed me to rethink my business, my strategy and my goals. Too often, entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed that they don't take the time to think, to have a global vision, to see bigger, further...

I also prepared a summary of all the good work BiMoo has done in the last few months along with the most significant figures. With a new budget forecast, I have, of course, prepared an incredible sales pitch.

Doing a practice in front of 4 business people was the best preparation decision I made. They were able to give me their advice and feedback so I could be prepared for any eventuality.


Serene: the day before the shoot, I left Quebec City with an immense feeling of well-being, I felt like I was on cloud nine and I took the time to live in the moment.

On the morning of the shoot, I arrived at the Radio-Canada tower and I was determined to live this day to the fullest!

The entire Attraction team was wonderful. I really felt like they were all there to help me and bring out the best in my business and experience. I got my makeup done, which was a first for me, and when it was my turn, I was absolutely confident.

When I arrived in front of the Dragons and saw their smile, I felt a ball of positive energy and it pushed me to go for it. It was very quick, I spoke, explained, presented and received an offer after only a few minutes!

I also had the honor of having 2 Dragons try the coloring: Marie-Josée Richer from PRANA and Nicolas Duvernois from Duvernois.






You’ll find out on : Dans l'oeil du dragon, Monday, June 7, 8 p.m. on ICI Radio-Canada Télé


The researchers had told me not to forget to tell the Dragons about my offer. Many contractors forget and have to start over, which is not a big deal, but I was very focused on not forgetting this aspect.

So I arrived in front of the Dragons and I said: "Good evening Dragons, my name is Julie from Quebec City and I am the founder of BiMoo"...

and then, at that moment

Georges Karam said to me: "from Quebec, is that your last name?"

Everyone started laughing and I had to start my pitch again

Was this a strategy by George to lighten the mood and allow me to reduce my stress? I don't know, but it worked! I was even more excited!

The Dragons had good questions, relevant and flattering comments about my products and my innovation.


No matter what happens now, I've grown from this experience, which is one of the best I've ever had.

A special thank you to the first supporters of BiMoo, they are here in my fundraising campaign with La Ruche.


Thank you to the illustrators, clients and you for supporting me and listening to me for the last 900 days and thank you for always being there!


Perfection does not exist, the facade breaks and then we see underneath


Founder and President of BiMoo