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Christmas Guide Guide

Ho Ho Ho 🎅

The time has come - when we are all wrapped up in our blankets with a hot chocolate and a soap opera like they know how to make it.

Do you see what era I'm talking about? No ? Need another clue?

Just put Michael Buble's or Mariah Carey's album and we're in the theme 🎄Now you have it?

Christmas is just around the corner!

But don't panic! To help you get your presents done (and avoid crying fits and disappointment when opening presents on the 25th in the morning), we've thought of everything with BiMoo's Christmas 🎁

💡 To help you navigate through all the choices available to you, you'll find below a selection by age and by budget!

For the youngest:

Our educational coloring tablecloths are the most interesting to stimulate our little ones and teach them a whole lot of things while having fun. Some of the illustrations are already colored to teach children the colors, how to play "search and find", to teach them how to reproduce the colors, etc.

We recommend the following models for children from 2 to 4 years old:

The Farm Tablecloth

Cats and Dogs Tablecloth and Placemat

Animals Tablecloth

Alphabet Tablecloth

The Professions Tablecloth

For the "slightly older" ones:

The World Map Tablecloth

The tablecloth
and the placemat Transport
The Fantasy tablecloth and placemat

The Planets tablecloth

The Graffiti placemat

For adults and seniors:

Who says only kids should be spoiled? Not at BiMoo!

If you want to please your parents or grandparents, here is the selection that will brighten up their everyday life:

The Mandala tablecloth
and placemat

The Dream tablecloth
and placemat

The Paysage de Campagne tablecloth

For the holidays:

The Christmas tablecloth (a must have!)

The Birthday Tablecloth

Discover our Christmas Kits

And for those who are looking to make their Christmas gifts in less than 2min top chrono, our gift kits are made for you! Just click on "Add to cart" and you have all your gifts done đŸ€«

The Explorer Kit:
a world map tablecloth, a Planets tablecloth, a Transportation placemat and a pack of washable markers at. 95$ đŸ˜±

Princess Kit: a Fantastic tablecloth (voted top pick 2022 by Protect Yourself!), a cats and dogs placemat, a dream placemat and a pack of washable markers for... $75

Animal Lovers Kit: one Animal tablecloth, one cat and dog placemat and one pack of washable markers for $60

Adult Kit: Country Landscape tablecloth, Mandala placemat, Dream placemat and a pack of washable markers for $75

Special Holiday Kit: one Christmas tablecloth, one birthday tablecloth, one cat and dog placemat and a pack of washable markers for $95

One last category for the road (and not just any category!)

For the youngest :

: 6 models available at $16.95
: 6 models available at $24.95
The Christmas kits
: time and money saving 💾

If you have any questions, feel free to check our FAQ right here: https://bimoo.ca/pages/easy-faqs or contact us by email at marketing@bimoo.ca

Sincerely yours,