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Entrepreneurship is not a long quiet river

It's a journey full of pitfalls, uncertainties, obstacles, but it is without doubt the most beautiful project of my life.

I had been dreaming of starting my own business for a long time. After 15 years in accounting, I was bored and my dream seemed to be getting further and further away. Then, after the birth of my son, I realized that I lacked certain tools to keep them busy and stimulated.

It was during yet another difficult meal with my son that the idea came to me. While I was trying to feed him, all his attention was focused on the tablecloth decorated with insects that adorned my table. As he touched the illustrations, I was able to feed him. I came up with the idea of creating coloring tablecloths for children that would keep them busy while preparing and eating meals.

Then I became interested in the educational side of these atypical toys. And I had the idea of inserting vocabulary words and translating them into two different languages, French and English, and having local artists.

A real hit with parents and kids! đŸ€©

An unhoped-for boost

Then, my business took a different turn with my appearance on the show "Dans l'oeil du dragon" on June 7, 2021. What a pride for me!

In the span of 3 weeks, I have prepared more orders than in 2 years of business đŸ˜±

My business has been a real hit with kids, parents, but also grandparents. What a great gift to give!

This spotlight also allowed me to hire my first employee, increase my budget in marketing, product development, but also to delegate the order picking to an external logistics company 🚚

Stunted growth

Unfortunately, like most companies, the pandemic has slowed down my development. My costs are constantly increasing and I face many challenges on a daily basis.

1. Increased transportation costs đŸ’Č. Shipping a package is expensive, around 10$ for Quebec. This cost increases even more during the holiday season when there are many packages. These costs weigh heavily on my budget.
2. In an effort to improve, we are currently in the process of changing the packaging of our products. Our products being ecological, it was necessary to turn to packaging as ecological as possible. So, goodbye plastic, hello recycled cardboard! ♻
3. But these changes of course have a cost. And it was during this long process that we learned that sawmills are experiencing a shortage of wood. This shortage greatly increases the cost of materials and thus on our small scale, the cost of my new packaging đŸ’Č.

New challenges

The takeover of Covid in 2022 has also delayed all my sales plans. The first one is my plan to export abroad (especially to Europe and the United States) which has been stopped dead in its tracks. We are currently facing a flurry of cancellations of physical trade shows and events including the Gift Show in Toronto and the Toy Fair in New York đŸ—œ. These shows, usually hosting huge audiences, provide a huge boost in awareness.

These events are now being traded for virtual formats. However, visitors are not very sensitive to these new formats and this is a very big loss for us entrepreneurs.

All these changes require a strong capacity to adapt. We have to know how to bounce back and find new openings without leaving our trajectory. Ideas to find new buyers. Many challenges await us!

"Entrepreneurship is a lot of trial and error and a good dose of intuition.đŸ’Ș"

And this is our 2022 growth plan: to surpass ourselves and develop our creativity for you, future buyers ;)

Wish us luck! 🍀
Sincerely yours
Julie đŸ€