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A tablecloth like no other! written by speech therapist at “Les Mots de Lily”

While browsing through my Instagram, I always make tons of great finds: good advice, unique activities, but above all, highly inspiring material. This is certainly the case for the wonderful company BiMoo! The Quebec-based business manufactures educational tablecloths in a variety of themes: alphabet, farm, jungle, sea, safety, numbers, emotions, vegetables, professions and Christmas.

All tablecloths are bilingual, so they can even be used during English classes. Plus, every time a Safety tablecloth is sold, 15% of the total is given to Opération Enfant Soleil!

Image nappe Sécurité
When I came across these creations, I immediately thought of several activities for achieving language goals (yes, that’s the speech therapist in me!).
Image nappe Alphabet

Of course, I want to share my ideas with you! In the attached file, you will find four games you can play in the classroom, at daycare or at home. For each activity, I’ll explain the linguistic goals that you’ll work on, the instructions, variations, benefits, and material required for the activities. For the "les devinettes du prof", exercise, I’ve also provided you with over 120 ready-to-use cards!

Of course, it should be noted that each activity develops vocabulary by specific category. All games can be played in small or large groups or even individually in therapy. I also highly recommend going over the elements before playing for the first time. Some items are less known (which is very beneficial for vocabulary development!) and for this reason, children may not be successful.

To purchase one of these beautiful tablecloths, visit the BiMoo website.

Have fun!