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Bamboo toothbrush - Child or Adult - The Future is bamboo
brosse à dents en bamboo
brosse à dents en bamboo
brosse à dents en bamboo

Bamboo toothbrush - Child or Adult - The Future is bamboo

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Toothbrush The Future is bamboo

Did you know that on average, each person throws away 4 plastic toothbrushes each year?

Do you want to make a difference for the environment? Every action counts!

Toothbrush for adults in bamboo and several beautiful colors!

Reasons why we love our bamboo toothbrushes : they are made of sustainably sourced MOSO bamboo, which is not only an amazing eco-friendly resource, but is also clean on both the micro (BPA-free) and macro (biodegradable) levels.


✔️Biodegradable MOSO bamboo curved handle 
✔️Naturally Antimicrobial
✔️Wave Shaped Soft bristle (BPA free) 
✔️Certified P.E.T.A. Vegan & Cruelty free
✔️Certified F.S.C. (Responsible Forestry)


Bamboo can change color over time, which is completely normal. 

The American Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months.



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I love my tablecloth and my daughter even more! They are so versatile! Great customer service and extra fast delivery !! I would like them all!

Jennyfer Valdez Ardiles

Great service, great product. I only have one, but I will definitely get more. It relaxes meals with my son who has rigid food and in addition to changing his ideas while eating it has greatly contributed to the improvement of his language / vocabulary.

Marianne P. Gélinas
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