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enfants qui dessinent les animaux à colorier de la marche des animaux
nappe éducative la marche des animaux bimoo
enfant qui dessine la grenouille de la marche des animaux
la nappe éducative à colorier sur la marche des animaux de Bimoo
Avantages des nappes éducatives Bimoo
les nappes éducatives Bimoo
dimensions de la nappe éducative sur la marche des animaux
nappe éducative la marche des animaux bimoo

The Animal Walk - Regard9 - Multilingual Tablecloth

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BiMoo educational tablecloth - The Animal Walk

The Animal Walk colouring tablecloth in French, English and Spanish

The Animal Walk - Regard9 - Éducazoo - reusable tablecloth - colouring tablecloth - eco-friendly - playroom

Theme: The Animal Walk - Regard9



  • Blue and multicoloured


  • Square 45x45 inches (114x114 cm)

Download the User Guide here

Illustrations by Étienne Taillefer

To create this educational tablecloth, BiMoo teamed up with the dynamic team at Regard9, a company that offers books, games, training, and numerous free educational information capsules. All of our products have the same goal: to promote child development in day-to-day life.

Étienne Taillefer illustrated the fun animals on this tablecloth, and Valérie Kempa is the occupational therapist who gets children laughing and moving while fostering their motor development to develop autonomy and self-esteem!

This tablecloth features the animals from the beloved children’s book “The Animal Walk: Exercises for Good Posture.” Ergo Édition is a specialized occupational therapy collection that has won several honours, including a Quebec entrepreneurship competition and the Innovation Award from the Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec.

Take a seat around the tablecloth and colour the animals. A total of 12 children can do this activity at once. Discover the 12 different walks to mimic! Each animal to imitate is pictured in a circle where you will find 4 elements:

The 3 suggested steps are placed in order of difficulty (Step 1 being the easiest and Step 3 being the hardest) where each step is more challenging than the last. The template is a valuable tool to help children complete each step. You choose the step according to your child's level! When in doubt, start with Step 1. This exercise allows your child to work on fine motor skills such as colouring, tracing, and drawing.

Using the recommended washable markers, have fun varying the types of markers (length, diameter, tip) to help your child learn to adjust their grip. Have you considered varying the working positions? For more information, see the educational videos created by occupational therapist Valérie Kempa: (

Your imagination is the key to the success of this great product:

Search and find. Give children clues and they must find the animal. For example, “My tongue is blue” (giraffe), “I like to eat flies” (frog), “I am this colour because I like to eat shrimp” (flamingo), etc.

Associations. Using toy or stuffed animals: instruct the child to place the plastic or stuffed animal on the same ones pictured on their tablecloth.

Exercises. Create a motor skills course with The Animal Walk tablecloth. Have the children move around and imitate the animals.

To make the activity even more fun, alone or in a group, focus on one animal. Take this opportunity to discover this animal (habitat, food, noise, etc.)!

All children love The Animal Walk animals. Often sweet and friendly, they are a source of inspiration and learning for little ones. The Animal Walk educational tablecloth aims to encourage them to work on their fine motor skills while having fun.

You’ll notice that a third partner is also involved in this product! In the centre of the tablecloth, you’ll see the playful Éducazoo ferret. Éducazoo is a passionate team that offers a refuge adapted to the personality and needs of animals. Éducazoo animals love walking on the tablecloth during presentations!

FABRIC: 100% OEKO-TEX certified polyester

Environmentally friendly inks, no harmful stain-resistant chemicals such as PFAS or PFOA (polyfluoroalkyls and perfluoroalkyls). Our tablecloths are respectful of the environment and of its users!

RECOMMENDED MARKERS: Washable markers (see our shop)

These markers have been tested and the ink will wash off in the laundry. However, ink can penetrate through the tablecloth, which is why we recommend protecting your surfaces. Markers are not included with this product.



Machine wash and dry.

Our tablecloths do not need to be ironed. Washing them will not alter their colour or size.

Stain removing tip: saturate stains with dish soap BEFORE washing.


Marker ink can penetrate through the tablecloth. For this reason, it is important to place a plastic or other tablecloth underneath the colouring tablecloth. Although the markers are washable, some surfaces cannot be cleaned as easily as others.

We don't want your colouring activities to stain your tables or furniture.



Due to different monitor calibrations, actual tablecloth colour may differ slightly from the colours on your screen.

By purchasing this product, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Questions? See our FAQ section or contact us! We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect activity for your little ones.

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I love my tablecloth and my daughter even more! They are so versatile! Great customer service and extra fast delivery !! I would like them all!

Jennyfer Valdez Ardiles

Great service, great product. I only have one, but I will definitely get more. It relaxes meals with my son who has rigid food and in addition to changing his ideas while eating it has greatly contributed to the improvement of his language / vocabulary.

Marianne P. Gélinas
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