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garçon qui colorie les dessins de moyens de transports sur la nappe Bimoo
nappe éducative Bimoo sur les transports
The Transports - Multilingual Tablecloth
The Transports - Multilingual Tablecloth
Avantages des nappes éducatives Bimoo
coloriage des transports et des routes sur la nappe Bimoo
repas sur la nappe éducative les transports de Bimoo
les nappes éducatives Bimoo
formats disponibles pour la nappe les transports

The Transports - Multilingual Tablecloth

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Teach children the different types of transport

Transport drawings in three languages: French, English and Spanish

Very funny and can be colored !!

Modes of transport with roads - Children's tablecloth - Coloring game for children - Meal assistance for picky eaters - Cars - Trucks

Theme: The Transports

100% OEKO-TEX certified polyester fabric tablecloth and reusable :)

IDEAL AGE FOR THESE TABLECLOTHS: between 3 to 8 years old


White and black


  • Square 45x45 inches (114x114 cm)
  • Rectangle 60x90 inches (152x229 cm)

User guide to download here

Illustrations by Mylène Villeneuve

BiMoo tablecloths can be used at home, at daycare, at school, while traveling and even at the beach with toddlers. With the words under the pictures, children can learn to read, pronounce correctly and since they are multilingual, they learn in French and in English, and the news has Spanish.

Your imagination is the key to the success of this beautiful product:

  • "Twister" with the children to teach them Left-Right: on the water table, put your left foot on the turtle, put your right hand on the whale, etc.
  • Search and Find, give them clues and the children must find the answer: on the Jungle tablecloth, I am the biggest land bird, I do not fly, etc.
  • Associations with plastic animals: the child must place the animals of the Plastic Farm on those of the tablecloth in front of him.
  • Theater: create a play with the Emotions tablecloth and ask the children to mime the emotions felt by the characters on the tablecloth.

Thanks to this BiMoo tablecloth, children will be able to color roads and all the following modes of transport: Automobile, Motorcycle, Bus, Plane, Train, Boat, Helicopter, Truck, Rocket, Sailboat, Fire truck, Police car, Ambulance , Race car, Submarine, Hot air balloon, Crane, Tractor, Mechanical shovel, Tugboat.

Indeed, the primary mission of BiMoo's educational tablecloths is to allow children to learn while having fun. They will thus be able, with the help of their teacher or parents, to learn how to pronounce the different letters in French, English and Spanish.

You should know that BiMoo tablecloths highlight languages to broaden the vocabulary of children. This educational tablecloth presents the words under the images in French, English and Spanish. Hours of fun guaranteed for children and even parents.


FABRIC: 100% polyester certified OEKO-TEX

Environmentally friendly inks, no harmful stain-resistant chemicals such as PFAS or PFOA (polyfluoroalkyls and perfluoroalkyls). Our tablecloths are ecological and respectful of people!

RECOMMENDED PENCILS: Washable markers (as in our shop)

These pencils have been tested and the ink will wash off. However, ink can penetrate the cable, which is why we recommend protecting your surfaces. Pencils are not included in this product.



Machine wash and dry.

Our tablecloths do not require ironing. They will not change color or size after washing.

Tip for removing stains: Pour dish soap on the stains BEFORE washing.


The ink from the markers can penetrate the tablecloth which is why it is important to put a plastic tablecloth or other tablecloth under the coloring tablecloth, because even though the markers are washable, there may be surfaces that are less washable than d 'other.

We don't want coloring to stain your tables or furniture.



Due to different monitor calibrations, the colors of the tablecloth may differ slightly from the colors on your screen.

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I love my tablecloth and my daughter even more! They are so versatile! Great customer service and extra fast delivery !! I would like them all!

Jennyfer Valdez Ardiles

Great service, great product. I only have one, but I will definitely get more. It relaxes meals with my son who has rigid food and in addition to changing his ideas while eating it has greatly contributed to the improvement of his language / vocabulary.

Marianne P. Gélinas
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