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Mon inspiration mon fils

“The idea came to me during a meal with my 23-month-old son. For several weeks, mealtime had constantly been difficult. We often didn’t know whether he would eat 1 bite, 2 bites, 10 bites or simply throw his plate and eat nothing at all. The self-assertion phase was beginning, and like many parents, we were worried about our child's appetite: was he gaining enough weight, was he getting all the vitamins and nutrients he needed, was he eating enough vegetables, etc.”

During this particular meal, our tablecloth was decorated with different insects, and I noticed that my son was concentrating on the tablecloth designs. While he was concentrated, I was easily able to give him several bites of his meal. I was so delighted to see him open his mouth and eat his meal without refusing, screaming, or acting out! That’s when I realized that the possibility of using tablecloths with different patterns would entertain children (and even the entire family) during mealtime, while ensuring that babies and children also find joy in eating.

I had been working in accounting for 15 years when the idea of starting my own business came to me as a necessity. I love a challenge and am motivated by the idea of pushing myself and achieving my goals. As a new business, I have developed BiMoo bilingual tablecloths, which stimulate the 4 spheres of development in children.

My mission is to offer parents and childcare professionals an innovative and fun educational tool as well as an alternative to medication and digital technology to help ensure the full development of children. People are at the heart of my business, and to me, mobilization, listening and collaboration are essential to the strength of my team and to the business itself.

I began my entrepreneurial journey by completing the Lancement d’une entreprise (business launch) training course at Centre de formation professionnelle Fierbourg in Québec. Then, I launched a crowdfunding campaign with La Ruche to confirm whether there was an interest in my product. My campaign was a success, and I sold $8,000 worth of tablecloths in just 40 days! BiMoo was officially launched!

What’s important to me is surrounding myself with competent people and other entrepreneurs who are committed to helping one another. That’s why I am a member of the CCIQ (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec) and of AFEQ (Association Femmes Entrepreneures Québec). I am currently part of the CCIQ Leadership au féminin (women’s leadership) cohort, where I continue to develop my skills and my network of contacts. I am also part of the Programme d’accélération du commerce internationale (PAC) program with Québec International, which will soon allow me to launch my business on an international level.

The environment is one of the core values at BiMoo. Our tablecloths are made from recycled polyester and are OEKO-TEX standard 100-certified, which guarantees that each component (fabric, print and thread) has been tested and contains no harmful substances.

The testing criteria are standardized worldwide according to the highest standards. They are revised at least once per year based on new scientific breakthroughs or legal requirements for controlled substances.

In short, the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification is a safety guarantee for little (and not so little!) users of BiMoo tablecloths.


Quebec illustrators

Our illustrators are the essence of our products!

Without their creation and inspiration, none of this would be possible.

- Julie Blais, President


PISHIER (Pierre Girard)

Pierre Girard Pishier illustrateur

Pierre (PisHier), born in Jonquière, has lived in Québec since 1996, where he works as an illustrator, painter and comic book author. As a creative and highly productive artist, PisHier is used to dividing his time among one thousand and one projects.

Up with the first rays of the sun, PisHier never ceases to surprise with his ideas, his creations and his involvement within the artistic community.    

See the Emotions tablecloth drawn by this artist here



Genevieve Tardif illustratrice

Geneviève began drawing as soon as she was able to hold coloured pencils. Illustration Tardive, backed by a varied educational background, was born from Geneviève’s desire to make a living from her illustrations and personal work. Her colourful universe is created with simple lines and often images of everyday life as a backdrop.

Illustration Tardive has a distinctive style which Geneviève creates digitally. Her preferred tools are watercolour, felt-tip pens, colouring pencils, or a mixture of all three.   

See the Sea tablecloth drawn by this artist

mer nappe bimoo



Rémy Simard illustrateur

Rémy was born a century ago in Roberval. With few skills in mathematics or French, he decided to study political science. Also unsuccessful in politics, Rémy Simard found himself exploring the world of books.

Like Alice in Wonderland, a rather strange person once said to him, “You could illustrate this book!” At that time, Rémy didn't even know what illustration was! In the early 80s, armed with his colouring pencils, he published his first drawings. Since then, he hasn't had a minute to think about what he really wanted to do with his life. The book life chose him.

The illustrator, author and comic book creator founded his publishing house, Les éditions du Kami-Case, and later became the director of children's collections at Éditions du Boréal.

With some 90 published works, some of which exist in six languages, he is a major source of deforestation. Some of his creations include the Billy Bob series, La B.D. donne des boutons, Le Père Noël a une crevaison, Mon chien est un éléphant, Gustave, the Boris, Matisse, and, recently the Léon Poltron series, to name a few.

See the Jungle tablecloth drawn by this artist here

jungle nappe bimoo



Isabelle Charbonneau illustratrice

Throughout her childhood, Isabelle was lulled by her father’s stories. The great storyteller passed down an entire imagination to her, which she turned into a profession. Accompanied by her great love of books, which she inherited from her mother, she had the perfect set of skills to become an illustrator in children’s publishing. After studying graphic design, she promptly began her career with a bang.

Thanks to her go-getter attitude, she carved out a place for herself on the Quebec market with more than 100 illustrated books, from major productions such as family planners, and more intimate projects like her latest book, “Le P’tit train du Nord,” born from a crowdfunding campaign.

Isabelle is always "on the trail" and adores cultural walks, history and good food with friends. Her guilty pleasure? Reading a comic book in bed while snacking on chips!

See the Professions tablecloth drawn by this artist here

metiers nappe bimoo

See the Numbers tablecloth with dinosaurs drawn by this artist

chiffres et dinosaures nappe bimoo



Irene Lumineau illustratrice

Irene, a doodler from her earliest days, has always been passionate about drawing. After studying graphic design, she spent 7 months in India, an experience that was rich in emotions and colours, and that gave her the travel bug. Continuing on this momentum, she left her native France for her adoptive country, Canada. She earned a bachelor's degree in art and design from Université du Québec en Outaouais, then moved to Québec, then to Saint-Gilles, in Lotbinière, where she is actively involved.

She worked for a communications agency for 3 years before becoming self-employed in 2013 as a graphic designer and illustrator. Meanwhile, Irene continued to use her brushes to create paintings in all sizes. Inspired by the colours of her travels and by her "uprooting," her naive and unpretentious style provides an optimistic and aesthetic perspective on life.

In 2012, she fulfilled her childhood dream of publishing her first children’s book, "Canette et le Sanglier" (Éditions Les Heures bleues), a family tale passed down to her by her father. In 2015, Irène published the sequel, "Canette et le Castor," a project for which she received a grant from the Conseil des arts et de la culture in Chaudière-Appalaches.

In 2019, with the help of her sister, she published the book “ICITTE” about the French language in Quebec!

See the Vegetable tablecloth drawn by this artist here

legumes nappe bimoo



Mylene Villeneuve illustratrice

Mylène was born in Charlesbourg and drawing has always been a big part of her life. She became fascinated by illustration at a very young age. Later, she discovered portraiture and oil painting. She decided to take classes in these disciplines in order to perfect her skills.

On the other hand, she also has a passion for multimedia. She studied 2D and 3D computer graphics and obtained a bachelor's degree in visual arts and new media. She enjoys creating visuals that tell an entire story.

See the Alphabet tablecloth drawn by this artist here


See the Safety tablecloth drawn by this artist here


See the Transport tablecloth drawn by this artist here

Helicoptere nappe transport mylene villeneuve



Carolane Lachaine illustratrice

This passionate artist comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and artists. She has always been driven by discovering new things. At a young age, she wanted work with animals despite her allergies. The determined woman decided to use her artistic talent to get closer to animals in her own way. That’s the gateway she took to enter the world of art and discover all kinds of other ways of creating.

She enjoys illustration, painting, comic books, sculpture and even crochet. Carolane is an ambitious and energetic artist and nothing can get in the way of her creation. 

See the Fantastic tablecloth drawn by this artist here

Cheval nappe fantastique Carolane Lachaine

See the Birhday tablecloth drawn by this artist here

birthday tablecloth to colour


Mathieu has worked as an illustrator for about fifteen years. He first worked in advertising and animation. But it was above all in the world of the web and children's mobile applications that he made his mark.

In 2011, he published a short story in the collective comic book Le Démon du hockey at Glénat Québec. He also signs the cover. In 2013, he published a comic book report on literacy. He then published two volumes (2014-2016) from the Mutamatak collection at Michel Quintin. In 2018, he published as an illustrator Qui va bercer Zoé? At 400 strokes. In 2019, publication of “Madame Grisemine et le petit Chenapan” by La Bagnole editions. He collaborates monthly with the magazine Les Explorateurs by writing a “philosophical” comic book column.

He divides most of his time between creating for digital media, comics, children's books and teaching drawing.

See the Planets tablecloth drawn by this artist here


Planets tablecloth to colour



I have been working in the field of design and illustration for almost 20 years. First as a 3D artist in the video game industry and now as a freelance illustrator. My experience allowed me to collaborate on a wide range of projects. Together, let’s create great products full of color and happiness to make people smile. My illustrations are a perfect fit for projects like: Children's book, Posters and Wall,  ArtGiftware, Greeting cards and now Tablecloth!

See the World Map tablecloth drawn by this artist here

World Map tablecloth to colour


Now, it's my turn!

Julie Blais BiMoo

My whole life, I tried to find myself. I studied dental hygiene, office automation and accounting. I took on countless jobs without ever feeling that I was in the right place, and ended up working in accounting for 15 years.

I have always had a marked interest in the arts. I enjoy oil and acrylic painting and I like to mix mediums and tools, and play around with layers.

My house is full of my paintings, but I don’t make a living from my art. With BiMoo, I can let out all my artistic energy and I am committed to encouraging artists of all kinds. The creation of BiMoo tablecloths as a bilingual educational game helped me bring out my creative side. 

See the Yoga tablecloth drawn by this artist here

See the Mandala tablecloth drawn by this artist here

See the Landscape tablecloth drawn by this artist here

See the Farm tablecloth drawn by this artist here

 ferme nappe bimoo


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