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Watch again the broadcast of Julie Blais, the founder of BiMoo on the program
Dans l'oeil du dragon, Monday June 7 at 8 p.m. on ICI Radio-Canada Télé

February 18th 2022

7 fun activities for spring break in Montreal

As the little ones and adults do not want to go out during cold days, BiMoo offers coloring tablecloths and placemats reusable!

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December 15, 2021

Nice idea with this reusable (yes, reusable, you read that right!) coloring tablecloth, perfect for home, visiting, outings, passing the time and just having fun. Good to know: coloring placemats also offered. 

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December 11, 2021

International Conquest for BiMoo Tablecloths

Charlesburg-based BiMoo Educational Tablecloths owner Julie Blais, whose recent appearance on the show In the Eye of the Dragon caused production and sales to skyrocket, has just returned from a trip abroad that should take her to new heights.

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November 23, 2021

Salut Bonjour helps you with your holiday shopping and offers gift ideas for the whole family (even pets!), for your friends, and hostess gifts that will please every time! Jean-François Baril has put together his best gift ideas from Quebec companies. Check out BiMoo's Graffiti placemat.

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13 Octobre 2021

Adeptes de mandalas et autres plaisirs du coloriage, l’heure est à la réjouissance ! BiMoo a conçu une nouvelle gamme d’« accessoires de cuisine » qui permettent de laisser libre cours à sa créativité… et de faire patienter les enfants à table : des nappes à colorier.

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2021, June 24th

Therapeutic tablecloths: Dream big, help more To offer a unique therapeutic product for children and adults, this is the challenge that Julie Blais, owner of the BiMoo tablecloth company, set herself three years ago.

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20 Mai 2021

BiMoo makes eco-friendly educational tablecloths that the whole family can color on, at mealtime or anytime! The tablecloths are available in French, English and Spanish, as well as in a variety of stimulating themes, illustrated by Quebec artists.

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May 15th 2021

To keep the children waiting, BiMoo has thought of educational tablecloths to color. You spread the tablecloth on the table, take out the pencils and color. Among the themes offered, we find the numbers dinosaurs, the jungle, the sea, the alphabet, the animals, the planets, the world map, the conjugation and for the oldest, mandalas.

The tablecloths are washable so they can be used over and over again. We wait, while coloring and learning! 

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At dinner time, children are more interested in standing around the table and observing what is on the table. The rest of the time, the tablecloth can be used as a coloring surface, as a learning game, as a search and find game and more. 

This tablecloth focuses on learning the World Map. It allows children to learn the names of countries, continents, oceans, etc.. 

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May 10th 2021

We love this company that offers washable coloring tablecloths. It's a green option for creative kids who use a lot of paper, but it is also a potential learning tool.

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Bimoo tablecloths are a fun way to stimulate the four areas of a childs overall development. The development of language, cognitive, social-emotional and motor skills.

These motivating tablecloths can be used not only at home but also in daycares and schools.

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Here is the testimony of Michelle Lisa Garvie, recreational consultant for over 10 years

"One day, I was watching Salut Bonjour on TV. Julie Blais, President of BiMoo, was being interviewed by Gino Chouinard and presented her wonderful tablecloths. I fell in love with the Mandala tablecloth; I was sure my client would love colouring it.

My clients love BiMoo tablecloths! After colouring all the designs on the Christmas tablecloth, my bookworm client began reading everything written on the tablecloth... even the Spanish words, and she doesn’t know the language!

Families are often amazed by the accomplishments of their mothers and grandmothers. This shows that despite the illness, they are still able to develop, even if they sometimes need help and motivation."

Below is the testimony of Marie Beaudoin from the FQLI (Fédération québécoise du loisir en institution).

Hello Mrs. Blais,

I wanted to send you some feedback on your tablecloths! Long story short, I recently had the chance to offer my 83-year-old mother one of your tablecloths (countryside landscape). I had some doubts about her interest in this activity; she was a seamstress so... to her, fabric is sacred!

Surprisingly, it’s a huge hit! She even asked me to get her another one (mandala)! So there you have it, another testimony of the positive impact your products have on seniors! 

Here is the testimony of Sonia Morin, President and CEO of Les Quartiers A Inc. - Maison Marie Fitzbach, retirement home

"We loved the product! It combines relaxation, maintaining dexterity, and socialization. My worker greatly enjoyed working with your product. She even suggests adding drawings of familiar objects (tree, sun, house, etc.) and writing the name of the colour under or near the items. She could ask the senior to read the colour out, find the corresponding marker, and colour in the object. This would help work their memory!

The size of the drawings must be large enough (like the Mandala tablecloth, which has drawings of 5-7-10 cm), to make it easier for those with visual deficits and for their dexterity, which is less fine. It’s far better than drawing on 8.5 x 11 sheets: users can colour outside the lines without damaging the table."

Caisse Desjardins de Beauport brought out the imagination and creativity of many seniors during a special holiday season marked by confinement by distributing more than 250 BiMoo educational tablecloths to colour, wash and reuse in 14 seniors' residences of Beauport.

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Set the table for learning

Julie Blais turned her dream into reality by creating a business specialized in fun and educational tablecloths.

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BiMoo: educational tablecloths to make eating more fun

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BiMoo at the virtual Créafolie Market

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May 29, 2019

BiMoo's educational tablecloth to teach: a product to discover

If you are a mom, educator OR teacher working with kids, this product is for you!  

In the past few weeks, I have discovered a Quebec entrepreneur who offers educational tablecloths. The product was developed to help motivate young picky eaters.  

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March 2, 2020

Magnificently illustrated by Quebec artists, the new BiMoo tablecloths will come to the rescue for many families, making meal time fun again.

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Big, big big love for les  BiMoo educational tablecloths!!! Do you know them? To test them, we received the Emotions and the Sea and kids like them both equally.

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August 24, 2019

10 tools for a zero waste lunch box 

Educational tablecloth | Thought up by a Quebec mom, these educational tablecloths come in various themes, (emotions, the ocean, the jungle, the farm) are made of recycled polyester.

Read the article in French by Maude Goyer, on Véroniquecloutier.com

As a mom to two adorable boys, my house is overflowing with toy cars and trucks of all sizes. As fun as this may be for them, I like to know that they also have educational games on their tablettes, to make sure they are having fun while they learn.


BiMoo  tablecloths

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If you haven't yet heard of  BiMoo's educational tablecloths, this is a great time to discover them! 

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A 2nd article by TPL Moms for the launch of our tablecloth in collaboration with Regard9 and Educazoo !

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BiMoo: The first year in business

Creating a business is never easy, getting through the first year in business, even less. 

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Enjoy meal time as a family

I speak to you often, and you know that I try as much as possible to impicate the kids in meal planning and preperation. For dinner, they often have little chores to do

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February 4, 2020

In the head of entrepreneurs

Listen to the interview in French with Kim Auclair on CKRL 89.1

June 25, 2019

Cosette Gergès, pediatric nutritionist

"The discovery of a Quebec product that I love💙

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May 6 and July, 2019

Stephany, La boîte à paroles - Language stimulation Centre

She gives us ideas on ways to use them, with plastic animals, playing Twister, by asking your kids questions, etc.

She stimulates communication with kids, talks about their emotions, describes situations, etc. Again, more wonderful ideas to help the development of your kids.

See the video on language stimulation in French, with the Jungle tablecloth 

See the video on emotion management with the Emotions tablecloth

April 8 and May 29, 2019


"This tablecloth made of recycled polyester is eco-friendly, practical and stimulating all at once, for big or little kids. You could discover emotions brought to light by the adorable monsters

Read the article by Maman Favoris here


My speech therapist colleague recently proposed activities and tips to help your child learn the names of the letters of the alphabet (to discover them,  see here).

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February 3, 2020

We tested BiMoo's educational tablecloths

Meal time can be a real catastrophe with kids. I know, some of my kids are picky eaters and it is a real challenge. Now that they are bigger, it is easier, but when I was asked to test BiMoo's tablecloths, I was reminded of those days.

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December 9, 2019

While streaming through my Instagram feed, I always find a lot of interesting things. Smart tips, original activities, but above all, inspiring material. This is the case for the wonderful company BiMoo! 

Read the article by Les Mots de Lily about BiMoo's tablecloths in French here

Katherine Leclair, remedial teacher, of Clinique d’orthopédagogie ORpair

Presently, I love using kids albums with pictograms that illustrate emotions or pedagogical games to dive into the subject. These tablescloths are a fantastic tool to get the conversation started. Actually, these tablecloths are without a doubt a stimulating support to harness vocabulary about emotions, and this goes for little and big kids alike."

February 24, 2020

4 ways to stimulate language

My 5 year old son never had any problems with language. At the age of 2, he was speaking in complete sentences and he has always been very verbal. My daughter, on the other hand, was a whole other story. At 2 years old, she only knew about ten words. I had to start shopping for tools to help stimulate her language development, but I also used my imagination to create fun games.

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