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Set the table for learning

Julie Blais turned her dream into reality by creating a business specialized in fun and educational tablecloths.

Read the article here (in French)

Here is the testimony of Sonia Morin, President and CEO of Les Quartiers A Inc. - Maison Marie Fitzbach, retirement home

"We loved the product! It combines relaxation, maintaining dexterity, and socialization. My worker greatly enjoyed working with your product. She even suggests adding drawings of familiar objects (tree, sun, house, etc.) and writing the name of the colour under or near the items. She could ask the senior to read the colour out, find the corresponding marker, and colour in the object. This would help work their memory! The size of the drawings must be large enough (like the Mandala tablecloth, which has drawings of 5-7-10 cm), to make it easier for those with visual deficits and for their dexterity, which is less fine. It’s far better than drawing on 8.5 x 11 sheets: users can colour outside the lines without damaging the table."

Tablecloths for kids aged 2 to 8 years old

Quebec owned business, BiMoo, offers tablecloths that will make meal time fun for young kids.

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Julie Blais presents educational BiMoo tablecloths on (in French)

BiMoo: educational tablecloths to make eating more fun

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BiMoo at the virtual Créafolie Market

See the article in Le Soleil, in French, here

In Coup de Pouce, June 2020 (French magazine version)

March 2, 2020

Magnificently illustrated by Quebec artists, the new BiMoo tablecloths will come to the rescue for many families, making meal time fun again.

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Big, big big love for les  BiMoo educational tablecloths!!! Do you know them? To test them, we received the Emotions and the Sea and kids like them both equally.

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August 24, 2019

10 tools for a zero waste lunch box 

Educational tablecloth | Thought up by a Quebec mom, these educational tablecloths come in various themes, (emotions, the ocean, the jungle, the farm) are made of recycled polyester.

Read the article in French by Maude Goyer, on Vé

As a mom to two adorable boys, my house is overflowing with toy cars and trucks of all sizes. As fun as this may be for them, I like to know that they also have educational games on their tablettes, to make sure they are having fun while they learn.


BiMoo  tablecloths

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If you haven't yet heard of  BiMoo's educational tablecloths, this is a great time to discover them! 

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A 2nd article by TPL Moms for the launch of our tablecloth in collaboration with Regard9 and Educazoo !

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BiMoo: The first year in business

Creating a business is never easy, getting through the first year in business, even less. 

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March 19, 2019

As you may know, because I have spoken about it a few times here already, Téo has a certain language delay. All isn't won yet, but I can almost say that this is a thing of the past. He has finally had a breakthrough.

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Enjoy meal time as a family

I speak to you often, and you know that I try as much as possible to impicate the kids in meal planning and preperation. For dinner, they often have little chores to do

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October 8, 2019

For calmer meal times with little ones

Meals can often be the source of stress when a child is difficult at the table. To make this moment more enjoyable, Julie Blais, president of BiMoo, has created educational tablecloths.

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February 4, 2020

In the head of entrepreneurs

Listen to the interview in French with Kim Auclair on CKRL 89.1

March 11, 2019

Julie Blais, creator of  BiMoo came to present to Marjorie and our guest, little 20 month old Evan, her educational bilingual tablecloths for kids.

Listen to the interview in French on la radio de Québec Réveille here

June 25, 2019

Cosette Gergès, pediatric nutritionist

"The discovery of a Quebec product that I love💙

See the complete publication of Nutrition en pédiatrie here

May 6 and July, 2019

Stephany, La boîte à paroles - Language stimulation Centre

She gives us ideas on ways to use them, with plastic animals, playing Twister, by asking your kids questions, etc.

She stimulates communication with kids, talks about their emotions, describes situations, etc. Again, more wonderful ideas to help the development of your kids.

See the video on language stimulation in French, with the Jungle tablecloth 

See the video on emotion management with the Emotions tablecloth

April 8 and May 29, 2019


"This tablecloth made of recycled polyester is eco-friendly, practical and stimulating all at once, for big or little kids. You could discover emotions brought to light by the adorable monsters

Read the article by Maman Favoris here


My speech therapist colleague recently proposed activities and tips to help your child learn the names of the letters of the alphabet (to discover them,  see here).

Read the article in French by Maman Favoris here

September 10, 2019

Fun and amusing meals with Bimoo !

I tested, with the help of my family, a tablecloth from BiMoo's vast selection. I loved it! How to explain... it is the many functions that won me over!

For example:

Am I the only one that sometimes searches for subjects of conversation with the kids at meal time? This multifunctional tablecloth has helped me so much, especially in finding subjects of conversation during family meals !

Read the article by Maman sur mesure about BiMoo in French here

February 3, 2020

We tested BiMoo's educational tablecloths

Meal time can be a real catastrophe with kids. I know, some of my kids are picky eaters and it is a real challenge. Now that they are bigger, it is easier, but when I was asked to test BiMoo's tablecloths, I was reminded of those days.

read the article by Marginale et heureuse in French here

December 9, 2019

While streaming through my Instagram feed, I always find a lot of interesting things. Smart tips, original activities, but above all, inspiring material. This is the case for the wonderful company BiMoo! 

Read the article by Les Mots de Lily about BiMoo's tablecloths in French here

Katherine Leclair, remedial teacher, of Clinique d’orthopédagogie ORpair

Presently, I love using kids albums with pictograms that illustrate emotions or pedagogical games to dive into the subject. These tablescloths are a fantastic tool to get the conversation started. Actually, these tablecloths are without a doubt a stimulating support to harness vocabulary about emotions, and this goes for little and big kids alike."

March 31, 2019

BiMoo's educational tablecloths come to the rescue during difficult meal times

Upon my return from a trip, I had a wonderful surprise await me in my mailbox! In fact, it was more of a gift for my kids but I must admit that I benefit from it just as much as a partent haha. Bilingual educational tablecloths by BiMoo have definately passed the test with my girls who sometimes have a tendancy to make meal time pretty difficult.

Read the article by Ma banlieue about BiMoo in French here

September 24, 2019

Fun and eco-friendly : BiMoo's educational tablecloths!

It can get tricky to distract kids all while ensuring that they are learning new things. A second language, for example, is a real challenge for many. When I was in elementary school, I remember that I hated English. To a point that is unimaginable. 

Read the article by Flash Mama about BiMoo in French here

February 24, 2020

4 ways to stimulate language

My 5 year old son never had any problems with language. At the age of 2, he was speaking in complete sentences and he has always been very verbal. My daughter, on the other hand, was a whole other story. At 2 years old, she only knew about ten words. I had to start shopping for tools to help stimulate her language development, but I also used my imagination to create fun games.

Read the full article by Marie-Eve et Famille in French here

May 29, 2019

BiMoo's educational tablecloth to teach: a product to discover

If you are a mom, educator OR teacher working with kids, this product is for you!  

In the past few weeks, I have discovered a Quebec entrepreneur who offers educational tablecloths. The product was developed to help motivate young picky eaters.  

Read the full article by Cassioprof about BiMoo in French here

April 7, 2019

Tested: BiMoo's educational tablecloths

We have had an educational tablecloth by BiMoo for a little while now and honestly, it is a true success! We must use it every night for dinner! You know, since we have it, Didi sets the table without fussing? Quite an achievement, you say! I will answer that the secret is in the BiMoo tablecloth!

Read the article by Mary Berlue about BiMoo in French here

March 8, 2019


Accountant by profession and mom to an adorable little boy, Julie Blais has always wanted to leave a mark on the world in her own special way. With core values such as respect, caring for the environment and helping others as well as her role as a listening mom, she had a genius idea!

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We have created a solution for a problem met by many parents when their kids refuse to eat. This efficient tool will allow your kids to have fun with you and enable then to forget what is in their plate. They will eat without even noticing that they are eating.

See the website Vie de parents here (in French)

March 19, 2019

Educational tablecloths to eat in a happy mood

ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Julie Blais had experienced her son's 'no phase' at 22 months, just as most parents do. Except she decided to attack the problem head on and created a business making educational tablecloths to help other parents.

Read the article in Charlesbourg Express about BiMoo, in French, here