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Nappe La Ferme. Idéal pour apprendre les noms des animaux de la ferme ! Moment de détente garanti. Apprendre tout en s'amusant.
Nappe à colorier BiMoo motif la Ferme. Activité de coloriage idéale pour les enfants, les stimuler et les divertir ! Lavable en machine. Nappe multilingue pour apprendre aux enfants de nouveaux mots de vocabulaire. Apprendre en s'amusant !
Nappe à colorier La Ferme. Colorier, laver, réutiliser. Nappe multilingue
Nappe à colorier La Ferme. Ecologique et réutilisable
Nappe La Ferme. Parfait pour apprendre tous les animaux de la ferme dans plusieurs langues différentes ! Activité idéale pour les enfants et a adultes. Se réutilise à l'infini
Nappe BiMoo à colorier disponible au format 45x45. Idéal pour partager un moment en famille
Napperon écologique et réutilisable. Facile d'entretien. Se lave en machine. Colorier, laver, réutiliser
Nappe La Ferme facile d'entretien. Lavable en machine. L'encre disparait au contact de l'eau. Colorier, laver, réutiliser
Lavage nappe bimoo tablecloth coloring cleaning

Farm - Multilingual Coloring Tablecloth

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Educational Coloring Tablecloth - FARM


New design


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BiMoo tablecloths can be used at home, at daycare, at school, on trips and even at the beach with toddlers. With the words under the pictures, children can learn to read, pronounce correctly and since they are multilingual, they learn in French, English, and Spanish.

The "Farm" educational tablecloth is designed to encourage them to learn more about the cow, the pig, the horse or the sheep and the chicken. Beyond the animals, the whole universe of the farm is represented for a real moment of learning and discovery. Indeed, children can have fun with the tractor, the windmill, the scarecrow (which is not scary fortunately), and the friendly farmer.


White and multi


- Square 45x45 inches (114x114 cm)

Illustrations by Julie Blais

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I love my tablecloth and my daughter even more! They are so versatile! Great customer service and extra fast delivery !! I would like them all!

Jennyfer Valdez Ardiles

Great service, great product. I only have one, but I will definitely get more. It relaxes meals with my son who has rigid food and in addition to changing his ideas while eating it has greatly contributed to the improvement of his language / vocabulary.

Marianne P. Gélinas
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