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couverture du livre symphonique Mollie&cie
Livre symphonique pour apprendre à gérer les émotions chez les enfants
extrait du livre symphonique Mollie&cie

“Pas de caresses pour Poisonnette” musical book

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Musical book - CD included - children's book - learn to read - reading and listening to a book with family - music - goldfish

Introduce young children to symphonic music through fun and educational stories

Teach children to manage their emotions

IDEAL AGE: 3 to 8 years

Musical paper book and CD to initiate young children to symphonic music through playful, educational stories.

Introducing the first issue in the book series, “Pas de caresses pour Poissonnette!” This book helps teach children how to manage their emotions when they lose a pet.

See and listen to an excerpt from the digital book here

The book can be used at home, while travelling, at the beach and even in educational or medical environments (daycares, schools, hospital waiting rooms, children's clinics or speech therapy clinics).

Free your imagination and try it out as a party game!

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Mollie just got a beautiful goldfish. The little girl, her heart overflowing with love for her new pet, spends all night watching it swim in its jar. But Mollie notices that Poissonnette looks very bored.

She decides to take the fish out of its bowl to give it some gentle hugs. Her fish looks so lonely...

Will Mollie be able to comfort Poissonnette?



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I love my tablecloth and my daughter even more! They are so versatile! Great customer service and extra fast delivery !! I would like them all!

Jennyfer Valdez Ardiles

Great service, great product. I only have one, but I will definitely get more. It relaxes meals with my son who has rigid food and in addition to changing his ideas while eating it has greatly contributed to the improvement of his language / vocabulary.

Marianne P. Gélinas
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