The 4 Toltec Agreements for Kids: A Guide to a Happy and Respectful Life

The 4 Toltec Agreements for Kids: A Guide to a Happy and Respectful Life

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Children are like sponges, absorbing not only the information around them but also the attitudes and behaviors of adults. To help them grow into happy and respectful individuals, teachers, parents, and guardians can teach them the "4 Toltec Agreements," a powerful and easy-to-understand life philosophy. 

The Toltec Agreements are derived from the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs, a pre-Columbian civilization in Mexico. The Toltecs were spiritual artisans and warriors who lived in Mexico between the 10th and 12th centuries. These agreements offer essential principles for living a fulfilling and harmonious. 

Don Miguel Ruiz, a surgeon turned shaman and author, adapted and popularized these teachings in the 1990s. His book “The Four Toltec Agreements” became a worldwide bestseller and inspired many people to live more fulfilling and fulfilling lives. 

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Here's how to introduce them to children: 

  1. Let your word be impeccable🙃

For children, this means being honest and speaking kindly to others. They can learn to choose words that express their feelings and needs without hurting others. By understanding that their words have an impact, children can create positive relationships with friends, family and teachers. 

  1. Whatever happens, don't make it personal😇

Teach children that the actions of others are not always directed against them. They shouldn't take things too personally. This will help them avoid unnecessary conflict and develop a thicker skin when facing criticism. Encourage them to think before reacting impulsively. 

  1. Don't make assumptions🤔

Children often have vivid imaginations, which can lead them to jump to conclusions. It is essential to teach them to ask questions and communicate clearly rather than making assumptions. This will avoid misunderstandings and promote mutual understanding. 

  1. Always do your best🤩

Encourage children to give their best in everything they do, whether at school, in their sports activities or in their relationships with others. Doing your best does not mean being perfect, but rather striving to do your best in every situation. This builds self-confidence and personal pride. 

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By teaching these Toltec Agreements to children, you offer them a guide to navigating the world with wisdom and compassion. Helping them understand these principles prepares them to become responsible and empathetic adults.

Practicing the 4 Toltec Agreements can also help create a more harmonious family and school environment, where everyone can flourish and grow with mutual respect. 

Think about it 😄


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Les quatre accords Toltèques transmis à mon enfant de MÊlissa Monnier et Olivier Clerc