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FAQs - Nappes pour enfants

What ages are your tablecloths for?

Usually, the tablecloths are recommended for children ages 2 to 8. We now have designs for adults and seniors.

The tablecloths can be used for toddlers from 3-4 months as a play mat by placing a thicker mat underneath, as the tablecloths are very thin. 

Here is a list of recommended ages per tablecloth, but of course it depends on the interests and abilities of each individual:

  • 0 to 4 years : Farm, Animals, Vegetables, Numbers with dinosaurs, Cats and dogs
  • Ages 4 and up : Alphabet, Transport, Fantasy, Emotions, World Map, Yoga, Planets
  • Adults and seniors : Mandala, Landscape, Dream
  • All ages : Birthday, Christmas, Dream

Why do some tablecloths already have colored images?

The tablecloths with colored elements are aimed at younger children who also need to learn colors. Our tablecloths are meant to be both fun and educational tools, which is why we suggest games such as Finders Keepers:

- Find all the animals that have blue?
- I am a black and white striped animal
- Point out all the green vegetables

Do you have any ideas of games we can play with your products?

Of course!

We have developed a User's Guide that you can download free of charge. In it you will find activities to stimulate the 4 spheres of your children's development.

Can we color and write on your products?


Yes !! You can color and write on BiMoo tablecloths and placemats with washable markers

The drawings made on the tablecloth will wash off. No need for special detergents, just your regular laundry soap.


To avoid ink transfer to furniture or other objects, we recommend placing a plastic tablecloth under the fabric tablecloth before coloring.

The tablecloth being made of fabric and not paper, it is possible that the ink will diffuse and slightly overflow the illustrations.

Can the ink from the markers pass through the tablecloth and placemats ?

Yes, and that's why it's important to put a plastic or other tablecloth under the coloring tablecloth or placemat, because even though the markers are washable, there may be surfaces that are less washable than others.

We wouldn't want the coloring to stain your furniture.

What sizes are your products made in?

Our products are manufactured in three sizes:

- Square Tablecloth 114x114 cm (45x45 in)
- Rectangle Tablecloth 152x229 cm (60x90 in)
- Placemat 30x45 cm (12x18 in)

Who illustrates your products?

All images on BiMoo tablecloths are created and designed by Canadian illustrators.

Our goal is to encourage these artists and to showcase our local talent.

Discover our illustrators here

Are your tablecloths and placemats ecological?

Yes ! Our tablecloths and placemats are OEKO-TEX certified. This certification assures you that each component (fabric, print and yarn) has been tested and is free of harmful substances.

The test criteria are standardized worldwide to the highest standards. They are updated at least once a year according to new scientific findings or legal requirements regarding regulated substances.

In short, the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification is a guarantee of safety for small and large users of BiMoo tablecloths.

The absence of solvents in the curing of the UV ink results in the complete elimination of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions into the atmosphere and environmentally responsible recycling and reuse.

Where are your products made?

In all transparency, our tablecloths and placemats are made in China for the following reasons:

- There is no woven fabric certified OEKO-TEX in Quebec, there is only recycled knit fabric

- The surface area of fabric needed to manufacture tablecloths is very large and sublimation printing on large surfaces is very expensive in Quebec

- The lack of workforce in Quebec means that sewing must be done abroad, we are no longer a manufacturing country

- Fabrics sold in Quebec are already mostly imported from Asia: China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India...

- The selling price of a product made in Quebec would be too high for the consumer and not profitable for us.

Thank you for your understanding

What are the washing instructions? 

Follow the instructions on the label:

1. Machine wash in cold water
2. Do not bleach
3. Tumble dry at low temperature
4. Remove as soon as dry and fold

For stains, we recommend applying dishwashing liquid on it BEFORE sending it to the machine.

We recommend not using fabric softener during washing.

Do the tablecloths have an anti-stain treatment?

No, because PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl) treatments replace PFOA, but are just as toxic. In addition, these treatments release VOCs into the air that we and our children will breathe, which is not in our values.

Epidemiological studies have also shown that PFASs are linked to kidney and testicular cancers, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis, low birth weight, obesity, reduced immune response to vaccines, as well as reduced hormone levels and delayed puberty.

Source : http://www.psychomedia.qc.ca/sante/2015-05-03/danger-composes-perfluores-pfas 

What are your opening hours?

Our store is online only.

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Where are your retailers located?

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What is the delivery time for my order?

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What are your return policies?

If the items you have purchased do not meet your expectations, you can return the merchandise to us new and in its original condition within 14 days after receiving your package.

To do so, you must first contact us by phone (418 262-0345 or toll free 1-833 937-0637) or by email at info@bimoo.ca.

A return form will then be sent to you. Once we receive the merchandise, we will proceed with the refund or exchange of the returned items. Please note that shipping and handling fees will apply.

Please also note that only items purchased on the bimoo.ca website can be returned directly to us. Products purchased at a retailer must be returned to that same retailer.

I have a daycare, school or store and would like to know if you offer volume discounts?

Write to us to info@bimoo.ca to discuss bulk orders.