“The idea came to me during a meal with my 23-month-old son. For several weeks, mealtime had constantly been difficult. We often didn’t know whether he would eat 1 bite, 2 bites, 10 bites or simply throw his plate and eat nothing at all. The self-assertion phase was beginning, and like many parents, we were worried about our child's appetite; was he gaining enough weight, was he getting all the vitamins and nutrients he needed, was he eating enough vegetables, etc.”

From Our Founder

During this particular meal, our tablecloth was decorated with different insects, and I noticed that my son was concentrating on the tablecloth designs. While he was concentrated, I was easily able to give him several bites of his meal. I was so delighted to see him open his mouth and eat his meal without refusing, screaming, or acting out! That’s when I realized that the possibility of using tablecloths with different patterns would entertain children (and even the entire family) during mealtime, while ensuring that
babies and children also find joy in eating.

I had been working in accounting for 15 years when the idea of starting my own business came to me as a necessity. I love a challenge and am motivated by the idea of pushing myself and achieving my goals. As a new business, I have developed BiMoo bilingual tablecloths, which stimulate the 4 spheres of development in children.


Our mission is to help people of all ages to become creative and curious beings and to offer professionals an innovative and fun tool.

Collaboration, respect, quality, and the environment are the firm values of the company. The BiMoo tablecloths being thus certified OEKO-TEX and BSCI are ecological products and with a social mission.