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Discover our BiMoo User Guide.

BiMoo activities stimulate the 4 spheres of overall child development: language, cognitive, socioaffective and motor skill development (fine and gross).


All activities listed are suggestions. Let your imagination and creativity run wild and have fun!

This document was developed in collaboration with a special care counsellor, a daycare educator, a teacher and a language specialist.

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The Phonological Awareness tablecloth has its own user's guide to enjoy all the educational benefits of this tablecloth.

Download the guide here
(in French only)



Ideas guide for the introduction to mathematics and French with BiMoo tablecloths

Download Cassioprof Guide in French




Evolution trilingual camps

"We had the idea of creating a trilingual camp, because as language teachers and mothers, we found that upon returning from summer vacation, the students often had a decline in the learning acquired during the school year. The concept of the trilingual camp was born: to combine learning through play with language immersion."


Tutorax offers tutoring (homework help) , speech therapy and remedial education services accessible to all, regardless of subject or grade level.

Mathematics ・ French ・ Science ・ Chemistry ・ Physics ・ English ・ Other

Deborah Schöni, orthopédagogue

Deborah Schöni, Speech-Language Pathologist

Since, 2018 I have lived in Quebec. I have more than ten years of experience in Educational Sciences and Orthopedagogy with children and adolescents. My areas of intervention focus mainly on learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, AD / HD, ASD and intellectual disability.


The Fédération québécoise du loisir (FQLI), an institution recognized as a national leisure organization and subsidized by the Ministry of Education, promotes leisure as a means of achieving therapeutic objectives and as a tool for improving the quality of life of clients and environments.
Amélie's Toolbox 

Amélie's Toolbox is the expertise of a specialized educator who wishes to support parents, children and caregivers through her personalized family coaching, her accompaniment and stimulation services for children (0-12 years old) with special needs or who need support in their development, her educational training and her sale of pedagogical tools and educational material.

Become a caring adult for children!

Since 2010, Amisgest offers a complete suite of software and solutions to optimize the management of childcare services, saving time and money, increasing security and simplifying communication with parents and caregivers. We offer solutions for all types of organizations in the field of child care: private daycares, school daycares, coordinating offices, RSGs, groups and replacement services.

Toupie yoga
Toupie Yoga My mind is full of fantasies that I have fun "animating" through stories of all kinds. I offer fun and educational yoga sessions for children from 5 to 16 years old, as well as their families.
The mission of the M-Yoga studio is to to promote physical, mental and spiritual health through the study and practice of yoga as taught in the Iyengar yoga method.
SOS Prof
At SOSteacher, we offer one-on-one tutoring online as well as at home. We work with elementary and high school students, as well as college and university students for basic courses. The tutor will work with the parent to determine the specific needs of the child. We can help the student with homework, review concepts that were not understood in class, prepare the student for an exam or do enrichment. Whatever your needs, rest assured that you will receive services that meet your expectations.
FADOQ is the largest seniors' organization in Canada. It brings together and represents people aged 50 and over with the goal of improving and maintaining their quality of life.
Eugeria is a Montreal-based company created in 2018. It is a boutique specializing in innovative and dignified product and service solutions to improve the daily lives of seniors and family caregivers of Canadians with dementia. Eugeria offers various products to individuals and healthcare professionals for daily living, entertainment, breaking social isolation or improving the home.

SOSO MIMI, a Quebec-based company, has a mission to design educational & decorative products that will help parents cultivate their children's emotional intelligence and self-esteem, as well as contribute to change the world, one child at a time.Nature is at the heart of SOSOMIMI products. First, our products are created around five charming forest animals that, based on an educational and playful approach, help children understand and verbalize their emotions. Secondly, we favour the use of ecological and recyclable materials, local production and responsible suppliers.

OLOfusion offers tools that optimize the learning of time for young people.
Our products have been developed taking into account the main difficulties encountered by young people in their familiarization with the analog clock.
Effective design, playfulness and the combination of tools offered (visual, tactile and digital) are the key to our success!
Our products can be used in the classroom, in school interventions and/or at home.
With OLOfusion, learning to tell time has never been easier!


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