3 tips for challenging your brain

3 tips for challenging your brain

conseils pour changer vos neurones

Outdoor activities and Ciné-Cadeau are great! But at some point, it’s also important to activate your neurons to keep your brain sharp during the holidays. To inspire you, we sought advice from two experts.


  1. Émeline, specialized educator and owner of Le coin des copains family daycare, works with children aged 2 to 5 years every day. She helps them grow in each sphere of development and prioritizes play at the core of her approach. She even creates educational material, and is also the mother of two wonderful boys, aged 6 and 11.
  2. Pascale is a former primary and secondary school teacher and the mother of two children, aged 3 and 8. She founded Un autre blogue de maman, a family blog specializing in children's literature and educational games.

    1. Using BiMoo tablecloths

      Émeline heard about BiMoo educational tablecloths through a post in a private Facebook group. She fell in love with the tablecloths intended for mealtime and educational activities, especially those with the themes of emotions, the alphabet and farm animals.

      conseils pour changer vos neurones


      Pascale adores the captivating illustrations that help make mealtime a pleasant and positive experience. And since the tablecloths are multilingual, she mainly uses them for language learning with a fun twist. For example, she might ask her eldest daughter to find Santa Claus, and ask her little one to find the reindeer.


      Among other purposes, it is used as:

      - Play mat (for the little ones);

      - Source of inspiration for inventing relay stories (one person says a sentence and the person to their right must continue it);

      - Surface to colour;

      - Search and find;

      - Game board for idea and image associations;

      - Mat for playing Twister.


      conseils pour changer vos neurones


      Émeline invites you to organize a drawing contest to which you can add an extra challenge: look with just one eye, draw with your less skilled hand, put your head upside down... guaranteed fun!


      Find even more ideas here.



      2. Read

      A warm mug of hot chocolate, a cuddly blanket and some soft music: the perfect trio for an afternoon of reading.


      Get cozy with your little ones and read them Christmas stories. For older children, let them read or take turns reading.


      A delightful moment of peace and fun!


      3. Play board games

      A day spent playing board games in your pajamas: now that’s bliss! The best part is, there is something for every taste, style and age.


      BiMoo tablecloths, reading, board games, crafts, cooking, watching documentaries… the list of activities that are both educational and fun is endless. All you have to do is mix up the choices!


      Take advantage of the long holiday break to enjoy outdoor activities: cross-country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, walking, sliding… and resting. Have fun. Love one another.




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