3 tips for challenging your brain

3 tips for challenging your brain Outdoor activities and Ciné-Cadeau are great! But at some point, it’s also important to activate your neurons to keep your brain sharp during the holidays. To inspire you, we...

BiMoo tablecloths: a hobby also for seniors

BiMoo tablecloths: a hobby of choice for the elderlyThink BiMoo multilingual educational tablecloths are only designed for children? Think again! Seniors – especially those with Alzheimer's – love them. Here’s what Michelle Lisa Garvie, recreational...

A tablecloth and yoga: a surprisingly marvellous duo!

" Yoga tablecloth, why not? Who said tablecloths can only be used to protect the table during mealtime? At BiMoo, we like to do things differently. That’s why our multilingual educational tablecloths are also designed...

Purenature: a natural partnership

What do you need when your children colour BiMoo educational tablecloths with washable markers day after day? A good laundry detergent! From this need, the partnership between BiMoo and Purenature was born.

Cognitive loss in seniors: tips to slow it down

4 tips to slow down cognitive function in the elderlyOver the years, many seniors gradually lose certain cognitive functions including memory, language, judgment, and organizational and planning skills. Fortunately, in many cases, certain actions can...

The Animal Walk tablecloth: the result of a wonderful partnership

A wonderful partnership for kids! What happens when three businesses with educational missions join forces? An extraordinary children’s product is created: the trilingual The Animal Walk colouring tablecloth.

11 activities to do at home with your BiMoo tablecloth

Housebound with your little one? Use this time to get the most out of your bilingual BiMoo educational tablecloth. A great way to play by developing vocabulary, motor skills, emotional and cognitive skills, and more!

5 strategies to help teach your child a second language

Teaching your child a second language, like English, is not always easy... especially if you don’t excel in the language of Shakespeare yourself. We’re giving you 5 strategies to help your child learn more easily....

4 irresistible characteristics of BiMoo tablecloths

Do you know the difference between BiMoo bilingual educational tablecloths and most tablecloths that you find in stores? Discover the characteristics that make these tablecloths totally irresistible.