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Educational tablecloth - Jungle Animals

Experts have emphasized for many years the importance of educational games for children. BiMoo tablecloths were designed to allow children from 2 to 8 years old to develop their intellectual, physical or even emotional skills. They are available in 4 spheres: language, cognitive, socio-emotional and motor (fine and global).

Nappe éducative - Les Animaux de la Jungle

The Jungle Animals educational tablecloth imagined by BiMoo gives children the opportunity to get used to wild animals through images while having fun. He will be able to identify the different jungle animals, learn their names, color them or even use plastic animals to work on the association. It is also possible to increase the level of difficulty by placing the plastic animals in the wrong places and asking the child to put them back in the right place.

Nappe éducative - Les Animaux de la Jungle

BiMoo educational tablecloths can be used by parents and educators to allow children to participate in interactive and educational activities in small or large groups. This tablecloth contains 20 jungle animals which each have a small feature. Indeed, in addition to being fun, we can also see that the giraffe has a blue tongue, that the lion has a small crown, the crocodile eats a lollipop, the monkey has a bow tie or even that the frog wears glasses . This is one way for BiMoo to make these animals endearing and child-friendly.
Children can also use washable crayons to let their creativity run wild. For example, by reproducing the drawings, coloring them or even trying to rewrite the names of the animals. Participants can also try to recreate their favorite characters in plasticine in a DIY workshop. It should also be noted that the names are in both English and French, which will allow the child to learn the English language from an early age.
As you can see, BiMoo's educational tablecloths can give rise to multitudes of activities that will allow children to have fun alone or in a group, while learning. This Jungle Animals tablecloth can also be used during birthday parties, for example when children can participate in a game of Twister, role play or even imitation games. Let your imagination and that of the children speak, and have fun!