The Animal Walk tablecloth: the result of a wonderful partnership

A wonderful partnership for kids! What happens when three businesses with educational missions join forces? An extraordinary children’s product is created: the trilingual The Animal Walk colouring tablecloth.

11 activities to do at home with your BiMoo tablecloth

Housebound with your little one? Use this time to get the most out of your bilingual BiMoo educational tablecloth. A great way to play by developing vocabulary, motor skills, emotional and cognitive skills, and more!

5 strategies to help teach your child a second language

Teaching your child a second language, like English, is not always easy... especially if you don’t excel in the language of Shakespeare yourself. We’re giving you 5 strategies to help your child learn more easily....

Educational tablecloth - Jungle Animals

Experts have emphasized for many years the importance of educational games for children. BiMoo tablecloths were designed to allow children from 2 to 8 years old to develop their intellectual, physical or even emotional skills....

BiMoo gets involved with Opération Enfant Soleil

BiMoo gets involved with Opération Enfant SoleilLast April, over the Easter weekend, I was profoundly touched by an Opération Enfant Soleil ad. How can a child in perfect health become sick from one day to...

Interview with Stéphany Laflèche from La Boîte à Paroles

Interview with Stéphany Laflèche from La Boîte à ParolesIn order for an entrepreneur to be successful, they must surround themselves with partners who are complementary and loyal. This is certainly the case for Stéphany Laflèche,...

4 activities for the holidays

4 activities for the holidays For many, the holiday season means lots of festivities and gargantuan meals. It’s also the perfect time for some great family activities. 


Le magasinage des Fêtes peut présenter certains défis pour les personnes soucieuses de l’environnement. Afin de vous aider, nous avons sélectionné pour vous quelques idées cadeaux écoresponsables disponibles chez Madolaine.

4 Educational and fun gift ideas

4 Educational and fun gift ideasHave you ever noticed that every year on December 25th, your house turns into a toy store? Often, most toys end up collecting dust just a few weeks after the...