4 activities for the holidays

4 activities for the holidays

4 activities for the holidays

For many, the holiday season is synonymous with festivities and gargantuan meals. It's also the perfect time to do great family activities.

1. A breath of fresh, fresh air

The majority of us spend our days between four walls, be it in the daycare, at school or at work. So between family parties, let's take the opportunity to go out and have fun.

Walking in the woods or in Old Quebec, sliding, skating, skiing, snowshoeing, making snowmen ... What a great way to have a good time, to fill up with oxygen and to digest the small sausages coated bacon, tourtière and the delicious sugar cream of Matante Aline!

2. A cocooning day

A day in pajamas to read, to play board games, to drink a hot chocolate while listening to Ciné-Cadeau well wrapped up in a blanket, it's just EX-TRA-OR-DI-NAI-RE! It allows to recharge the batteries before the next exit.

ciné cadeau

3. A visit to the museum

Enjoy a day when Mother Nature does not cooperate (in case of extreme cold or freezing rain, for example) to go for a walk in the museum. Many offer special programming for the holidays.

This year, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec has outdone itself. Young and old will have fun at La Libraire and Bric-à-Brac. You can also dive into the world of Ensemble [s], an exhibition in which objects become strange characters, unusual sculptures or pieces of a valuable collection.

mnbaq Bric-à-Brac

For its part, the McCord Museum, in Montreal, offers a host of activities to entertain the whole family, including Enchanted Universe, where you can relive the magic of Ogilvy's Christmas mechanical shop windows, and With you to play, an exhibition that invites you into the world of board games larger than life.

univers enchantés

4. Activities that go out of the routine

You can also enjoy a day off to make a special outing. And it is not the choice that is missing:

- A visit to the Granby Zoo, where you can discover the winter habitat of some animals such as the Amur tigers, snow leopards, Japanese macaques and wallabies.

- At the Village québécois d'antan, in Drummondville, spend a magical moment in an enchanting setting of more than 25,000 twinkling lights and relive the customs of Christmas of yesteryear.

- At the Festilumières of the Aquarium of Quebec, you will be able to move to the rhythm of the lights synchronized with the music.

- At Woodooliparc, you will be transported to the world of FRIMA, a magical forest where children are kings and where dreams come true.

In closing, I wish you a magical holiday season. Enjoy it to love, share, celebrate, relax and move. Create unforgettable memories with your family!