11 activities to do at home with your BiMoo tablecloth

11 activities to do at home with your BiMoo tablecloth

Coloriage nappe bimoo tablecloth

Housebound with your little one? Use this time to get the most out of your bilingual BiMoo educational tablecloth. A great way to play by developing vocabulary, motor skills, emotional and cognitive skills, and more!


Search and find

Ask your child to point to the different items on the tablecloth. “Where is the…?”



With BiMoo tablecloths, there’s no need to spin a wheel to place your right foot on a green circle. Simply ask your child to put their left foot on the ostrich, their right hand on the zebra and their head on the tiger.


To push spatial organization learning to the next level, modify the instructions: above, below, next to, to the right, to the left, etc.


Bean bag toss with a twist

We all know the traditional game where each player must throw 4 bags into one of the 9 targets in order to accumulate as many points as possible. For our BiMoo version, get your child to throw a bag (or a mini stuffed animal) towards the target of their choice (broccoli, police officer, cow or giraffe).


1, 2, 3...

Your little one doesn’t yet know how to count? This is your chance to get started. “How many images of emotions are there?” “How many eyes do you see on the tablecloth?” “How many BiMoo logos do you see?” “Which animal has 8 arms?” Or use the Numbers tablecloth with dinosaurs, designed specifically for learning to count.


Gender and number

You can also work on gender and number with your child.

“What is the feminine form of policeman?”

“How do you write the plural form of horse?”


Alike or not alike

An excellent exercise for categorization and association! Start by asking your child questions, then get them to ask you questions in return. For example, find an animal that has wings but does not fly; point to three green vegetables, etc.


You can also use real objects (fruits or vegetables) or plastic objects (figurines) and ask your child to place the object on the matching image on the tablecloth. Then, ask them to identify the differences and similarities between the two.


Once upon a time…

Creativity is so important! Ask your child to tell a story with one or more images on the tablecloth. “Tell me a story about the policeman, what happened during his day?” “Is the emotions monster excited?”


Alphabet and syllables

“How many t’s are there in the word triceratops?” “How many syllables are there in CU-CUM-BER? And GI-RAFFE?” “Find a word that contains two c's.”


Imitation game

Ask your child to choose an animal and imitate it. When it's your turn, make mistakes on purpose. For example, bleat instead of oinking when imitating a pig.


Memory game

Give your child a few seconds to look closely at the tablecloth. Then, ask them to close their eyes. Hide one of the images and get them to identify it once they open their eyes.


Guessing game

Another very simple game. Simply choose an image (character, animal, etc.) and describe it for the other to guess.


These are our suggestions for some of our favourite at-home activities. All that’s left for you to do is to have fun and get creative.


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