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4 Educational and fun gift ideas

Have you ever noticed that every year on December 25th, your house turns into a toy store? Often, most toys end up collecting dust just a few weeks after the holidays.

This year, to prevent this awful situation from occurring once again, I suggest that you offer your children gifts that are both educational and fun.

1. Books, the greatest gift of all!

Livre en cadeau de Noel

Learning new vocabulary, opening up to the world and escaping to another universe... these are just a few of the benefits of reading. Not to mention, the quality time we spend with our children when we read with them before bedtime.

Plus, the choices are almost endless!

2. Cultural and sports outings

enfant au musee cadeau noel

Gifts don’t have to be just toys. They can be quality moments with parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts.

Museums, theatres and music or dance shows are popular outings among young and old alike. Moreover, several venues offer activities specifically designed for toddlers.

The same goes for sports activities: Disney on Ice, an afternoon hockey game, a day spent sliding... These activities are truly unforgettable to your children. 

3. Board games

Playing board games with your family is a great way to spend quality time with the ones you love. And there are so many to choose from! Here are a few of my favourites:

Calculator cash register (3 years +): Play store with your little one and help them discover currency and the value of the objects around them.

Mont-à-Mots Singeries mini (3+ years old): Take a card and with or without words, on your back or by rolling over, have fun getting others to guess the word on your card. Collect bananas to win the game.

Zoologic (5+): Strategically arrange the dogs, cats, and mice, being careful to separate them from their favourite foods or rival animals. For example, the cat should not be placed next to fish, a dog or a mouse.

Equilibrio (5+): Build imposed structures using specific blocks. Though they’re easy to build at first, they become more complex with every challenge. A game that combines dexterity, ingenuity and perseverance.

Piratataq (5+): Whether you're the adventurous or cautious type, you must find the best strategy to build your boat before pirates attack it!

Penguins (6+): Choose a challenge and arrange the penguins as directed. Then, place the 4 ice blocks so that they all fit into the game plan, without crushing the little penguins. 60 challenges with progressive levels of difficulty.

The sugar factory (6 years and up): The sugar factory’s grand chef is looking for a new apprentice to help him prepare his treats. Take part in the various challenges and show your talent as a confectioner to earn the golden apron and become an apprentice chef. 

4. A BiMoo tablecloth to colour

Nappe a colorier en cadeau de Noel

I’m cheating a bit here. A Bimoo tablecloth will surely leave your child puzzled, but it's a great gift for parents of young children. A great way to combine the pleasure of eating and learning French and English! Plus, they’re colourable! Use washable crayons and start over after each wash.

There you have it! This year, give gifts that will surprise and delight your little treasures. Novelty, fun and magical family moments!