A tablecloth and yoga: a surprisingly marvellous duo!

A tablecloth and yoga: a surprisingly marvellous duo!

Children's Yoga tablecloth on the ground

Yoga tablecloth, why not?

Who said tablecloths can only be used to protect the table during mealtime? At BiMoo, we like to do things differently. That’s why our multilingual educational tablecloths are also designed to help children develop their motor, language, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Good news: the new Yoga tablecloth will add a touch of well-being to the daily lives of young and old.


A tablecloth that doubles as a poster

The Yoga tablecloth, illustrated by none other than Julie Blais, president of BiMoo, presents 16 basic easy postures that require no explanation. Since it can be hung on the wall, children and their parents can enjoy their yoga routine together. Is the little one tired? No problem. Mom or Dad can continue the practice while their child colours in the tablecloth characters with washable markers.

Nappe de yoga pour enfants sur le sol


Perfect for seniors

Unlike many physical activities that require travel, expensive equipment, or a specific physical condition, yoga is an easy activity for seniors to perform. The Yoga tablecloth is accessible anytime: simply pull it out of the drawer or, better yet, leave it up on the wall.


This discipline provides many benefits such as improving flexibility, endurance, range of motion and breathing, as well as reducing chronic pain.


A yogi weighs in

Marcelline Poirier, at the head of Toupie Yoga, offers yoga lessons to children aged 5 to 12, both online and at school. She is thrilled by the arrival of this new tablecloth on the market.


Marcelline Poirier also created the PAUSES BIEN-ĂŠTRE clips, 5 short weekly videos in which she offers various self-regulation exercises on yoga, breathing, meditation, helpful tips, relaxation and more. These capsules are available as an annual package for primary schools and as a monthly subscription for families.


In an interview, the children's yoga expert explains that children are overstimulated in their daily lives and that they live in a performance-driven world: school performance, relationship performance (making friends) and performance at home (competition between brothers and sisters, rewards chart for good behaviour…). Yoga, on the other hand, is a discipline that requires no performance. Everyone goes slowly and at their own pace without forcing themselves. All children have to do is listen and practise the movements.


When Marcelline, alias Toupie, introduces children to yoga, she explains to them that they have a home for life. A house without walls, a roof or a floor: their body is their home. To her, the motto printed on the tablecloth (“I am focused on my breathing, my posture, and the present moment”), is an invitation for us to take care of our home.


The Toupie Yoga founder adds that the majority of children only stop to sleep. Yoga allows them to take a break to slow down, refocus on themselves and get their energy flowing. Yes, yoga gives you even more energy for your other activities!


Not to mention the many other benefits:

- Increases concentration;

- Promotes general physical well-being: deeper breathing, flexibility, muscle toning, etc.;

- Helps you relax;

- Teaches you to be kind to yourself and others in a positive environment.


Another interesting advantage is that children can colour the tablecloth. In a way, this activity is a meditation practice that allows you to focus, calm down and take a break from the constant commotion of daily life.

Nappe de yoga pour enfants sur le sol


The BiMoo Yoga tablecloth is the perfect tool for relaxing and getting moving… from 5 to 99 years old!